This is where I tell you all even more about the journey to the Giddyup Glove™ as it is today. If you’re lucky, I may even tell you a little about where it’s going; what it’s going to become. Naw, not yet…

It all started about 7 years ago (probably a bit earlier in the back of my mind). My loving and supportive husband provided me with the time to start bringing this idea to fruition. I spent hours and days working out the pattern; the kinks. With a fair amount of sewing experience, I realized I was about to get a whole lot more.

Anyway, let’s jump ahead. After finally getting to the point where I was happy with the overall design, we ended up going to see someone about getting a digital pattern created, and some upgrades to the design that I was unsure about how to incorporate with my limited sewing experience. These are still in the test phase, currently, but will be coming soon in the form of a second model of the Giddyup Glove™.

We did it. We got a pattern created! However, we also ended up getting pregnant. Which was such a blessing! And, well, did end up putting the Giddyup Glove™ just a little on the backburner for a bit. Fast forward, and “a bit” ended up being about 5 years.

You know how things work out as they should when they should? Well, I’m convinced that’s how this is happening, too. As our daughter is growing older and more and more independent, I’m also getting more time and more drive back to get this moving forward, and out in the world.

I guess that’s the basic summary of where things stand today, and where they came from before. Now, as I’m sure you can all see… Writing isn’t my strong suit. So, I might as well get back to other more important things… Like the next Giddyup Glove™ design!

Thanks for stopping by and showing an interest.

If you have any questions or comments for me, don’t hesitate to contact me directly!


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