It’s Time to Get Your Giddyup On…

The glove that’s not actually a glove.

Like an onion, it has many layers. However, this doesn’t make you cry.

It’s finally time. After 7 years in development (a five year-old kid being a few of those), the Giddyup Glove™ is making its selective debut.

Bend, Oregon is the home of mountain views, high desert, and delicious beer. But now, it’s also the hometown to warm and cozy hands and cold beers. That’s not to say that the Giddyup Glove™ won’t also hold other cold drinks, or even hot ones! You dog-walking, coffee or tea drinkers: watch out. We can help you, too.

Makes you look cool, while keeping your hand warm.

Great for camping, bonfires, tailgating, sporting events, dog-walking, and even more.

Machine washable after you’ve been tailgating all night.

An Old Idea, Reimagined.

I’m sure you’ve all seen ’em. The good ol’ crocheted “drink mittens”. There are a number of different versions out there. Some of you might think that this is just another one of those…

Oh, how wrong you are.

These are a whole new level. An exciting, updated, very cool-looking, rad, hip, modern, sophisticated, (and whatever other cheesy sayings you want to toss in here next), new version that has never been seen before. In fact, these are so exciting that we’ve been waiting to show them to you. For 7 years. Until now. Ok, the 7 years might have something to do with the child we’ve been raising during that time…

Super interesting, right? We have your attention? Good! I could talk about these for hours; so, if you want to hear more, then keep on reading.

Get yours now.

We’ve told you enough. Now, it’s time to decide which one you want, and which ones your friends and family are going to get as gifts. I know that you know someone who wants one, or three. Why not have one in the car, one in the garage, and one hooked to your key rack inside your front door so you never forget to grab it on your way out?

Order yours now!

Retail starting at $50 each.

Visit Us In A Store Near You (in Bend.)

Find out where to touch, feel, see, and purchase the Giddyup Glove™ locally in Central Oregon.

We’re always looking for places to carry our Giddyup Gloves™! Wholesale and consignment options available. Custom prints available now, too! If you’re interested in seeing one with your logo on it, contact us today for your custom order!

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